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Ensuring the safety, health, and availability of your company’s assets.

What is an Internet of Things (IoT) Asset Tracking System?

An asset tracking system helps you manage your inventory and improve the quality of your equipment. These systems use antennas embedded into the assets or wireless tags connected to them to track assets and equipment.

Real-time Asset Tracking

IoT asset tracking systems and real-time location systems employ a variety of technologies to locate moving assets and securely present the data, providing businesses with maximum transparency and peace of mind.

Asset Utilization Optimization

Adopt IoT asset monitoring solutions to prevent supply chain disruptions and keep assets flowing smoothly. Catch and address systemic issues as they arise to increase efficiency across the logistics network.

Use Monitoring

Reduce uncertainty in asset management with IoT asset tracking to meet service level agreements for time-sensitive logistics and keep customers happy.

Asset Tracking Recourses

What role does the Internet of Things play in asset tracking? What things can we track? How does my company benefit from proper asset tracking?

All those answers and more in our whitepaper. 

What are some use cases?

Here are just a few of the industries where we’ve assisted in the development of successful IoT asset management systems.


Tracking, organization, and location of all small pieces of equipment throughout production.


Hospitals can minimize wait times and improve the quality of care by tracking medical equipment.


There is always a lot of equipment to track at an event. By knowing where everything is, you can save time and money.


Asset tracking ensures that the equipment and staff are always safe and ready to provide better service to guests.

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