Private LTE For

Safe, customizable, and scalable Private 5g or Private LTE network to connect your company’s people and IoT devices.

How Can Private LTE Benefit You Business?

By deploying a private LTE network, your company can create a dependable network that allows you to control where coverage is provided, which devices can connect, and which devices have priority.

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Secure Private LTE

Keeps all of your sensitive information and confidential data within your network by assigning each device a unique network identifier and ensuring that they are properly authenticated and encrypted.

Reliable Network

Private LTE networks can cover a larger area and have their own separate communication band that is less susceptible to interference than Wi-Fi.


Private LTE networks can be tailored to meet an organization's specific application requirements, such as HIPAA compliance, network size, and Quality of Service (QoS).

Private LTE Resources

What are private LTE networks, and why do they matter? What role does the Internet of Things play in Private LTE? How does my business benefit from using Private LTE? What are the main motivations for Private LTE Infrastructure, as well as the challenges and impediments to implementation?

All these questions and more in our Private LTE whitepaper.

What are some use cases?

Here are just a few of the industries where we’ve assisted in the development of successful Private LTE system.

Smart Agriculture

Assist farmers in accurately measuring crop fields, proactively repairing equipment, and measuring atmospheric conditions around their crops over large areas.

Logistics & Warehousing‍

Ensure consistent connectivity for automated vehicles, tablets & handhelds, and other infrastructure that requires constant connectivity.

Offices & Workplaces‍

In comparison to carrier cell service. Companies save a lot of money and increase the available Wi-Fi capacity for employee and guest devices by employing private LTE.

Hotels & Event Venues‍

Even when additional Wi-Fi access points have been purchased for staff connectivity, hotels and events are frequently plagued by Wi-Fi dead zones and network congestion. Private LTE provides the necessary support for applications used by staff members, mitigating the negative effects of increased crowding.

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