EV Infostructure for

Deploy cutting-edge EV charging infrastructure at your home or business to monitor the performance and efficiency of EV chargers using an IoT solution.

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EV-Charging Resources

What exactly are EV-Chargers, and why are they so important? What is the role of the Internet of Things in EV-Chargers, and who will be in charge of the EV Chargers? What are the biggest factors for EV-Chargers, as well as the challenges and roadblocks to implementation?

Find all those answers and more on our Whitepaper

What are some use cases?

Having an EV-Charger near your main points of interest will make your life much more convenient.


Attract new types of patrons who are looking for a more environmentally friendly solution while also monitoring usage.

EV Fleet

Maintain multiple chargers to ensure that your fleet is always monitored and charged.


A new type of convince of never going to the charging station without wasting idle time or waiting for a open charger.


Help the environment by persuading the EV Charging solution to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in a safer and more convenient manner

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